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Build your dream team
with confidence.

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Software Engineer

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Paid Marketing Manager

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Senior Product Manager

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  Head of Sales 

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Product Manager

We will introduce you to the most promising talent. Hire the best fit, faster than ever.​

At Talentvibe we respect your privacy.

We are GDPR compliant. We will never share your information or reach out via Whatsapp without prior consent. 

Improve your time to hire and your candidate engagement.

Focus your efforts on talking to vetted and qualified professionals

No upfront cost + Flexible engagement options


Every company is different, so we adapt to your hiring needs. 

We support talent search at any stage where you need it the most.

One hire or building a team, we are here to help with country-specific insights.

Business Owner

Trust is earned

We know there’s only so much you can do on your own.


And, we're all about building a solid foundation of trust between us to offer you the support you truly deserve.

Why  Choose Us?

By harnessing top-notch talent across Europe, we specialize in aligning the ideal candidates with your strategic hiring requirements, all while optimizing your budget.

With competitive cost of living and salary averages, our approach can lead to substantial savings on compensation.

In a flourishing European tech landscape, we harness a diverse talent pool.

Our strategy is designed around your unique requirements, featuring top-tier communication and exceptional flexibility.

How Does it Work?

We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we provide top notch talent recruitment services. Our Goal is to deliver results efficiently at a fair price. 

Discovery Call

Here we get to know each other. Where we learn more about your goals, pain points, and requirements.

Here we might also suggest specific approaches to get your desired results fast and effectively.


Once we are aligned with the requirements, scope of work, and you give us the go-ahead, we get to work.

We might help you find top talent in Spain, or wherever you choose.


Got it! We have delivered a strong pipeline of talent.

We let you carry out your usual recruitment process (or we can help).

Once you've decided on "the one(s)," set up an offer and we remain supportive post-hire. 

  • How does your recruitment agency find talent?
    After a full understanding of the profile you are looking for, we set up a strategy based on inbound and outbound efforts. We look into our existing talent pool, activate sourcing efforts, and we also publish your position on relevant career boards.
  • How will you present the shortlist of talents?
    It´s entirely up to you. We typically give full visibility via Notion and some partners add us as collaborators on their applicant tracking system. Let´s avoid unnecessary added work, we report by adapting to your internal processes.
  • What value does a recruitment agency to fill positions at my company?
    By partnering with a recruitment agency, you benefit from our expertise in country specific candidate knowledge, access a wider talent pool, and ability to align candidates with your company's culture. Ultimately making your hiring process more efficient and effective. This allows you to focus on your core business operations while ensuring you find the ideal candidates to drive your company's success.
  • Are there any upfront fees?
    Try our services risk-free. Our services are contingency based and there is only a fee if you hire the perfect match through us 😊
  • Do you only recruit product people?
    Although we do specialize in helping companies find talents for their product teams (PMs, Product Marketers, Product Engineers), we may be also support across other teams.
  • What happens if your shortlist is not selected for our interview process?
    Not all processes are created equal, and sometimes there is more of a challenge to find a particular kind of talent. We usually present our first batch of pre-screened candidates within the first 5 business days. With your feedback, we iterate to improve our delivery within 10 days.
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