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Trusted Recruitment Partner

A remote-first boutique recruitment agency connecting great tech companies with the most promising talent. We're a passionate team dedicated to transforming the talent hiring experience.

Accelerate the hiring process.
We introduce you to pre-vetted candidates within 10 days

Discovery Call

Here we get to know each other. Where we learn more about your goals, pain points, and requirements.

Here we might also suggest specific approaches to get your desired results fast and effectively.


Once we are aligned with the requirements, scope of work, and you give us the go-ahead, we get to work.

We might help you find top talent in Spain, or San Francisco.


Got it! We have delivered a strong pipeline of talent.

We let you carry out your usual recruitment process.

Once you've decided on "the one(s)," set up an offer and we remain supportive post-hire. 


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