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You Actually Should Hire in the Summer, Here's Why:

The Sun’s shining, birds are chirping, temperature’s soaring, summer is here! The perfect time for relaxing by the beach, vacations with friends, and family barbecues. And, maybe even the perfect time to hire!

Summer is typically known as a slow season when it comes to hiring, as less businesses are actively hiring and less talent is job-searching with summer vacations to focus on. Many industries just have slower business in general during the summer months. However, these same factors that make summer a slower hiring season can be the same reasons it’s the perfect time to find talent for your company!

Untapped Talent

As most businesses turn away from hiring in the summer, it can open amazing opportunities as the hiring market becomes less saturated. True, there may be less talent job-searching, but this allows you to focus more on the available talent while having much less hiring competition. Often, breaking the mold in business is the easiest way to find untapped markets, and in this case untapped talent that will be a great asset to your business.

In the spirit of slowing down, employee schedules often become much more relaxed in the summer, allowing for a more relaxed hiring process. Taking your time and going more in depth in your talent acquisition process often results in new hires that are better fits for your company. Utilizing the slow market helps your business truly narrow down talent to just the cream of the crop, and better prepares talent to join your team.

Be Prepared

Many industries see heavy hiring during the fall, so much so that it can become overwhelming. With a crowded hiring market and short timelines, why wait until the fall to hire? Instead, beginning the hiring process in the summer allows you to take your time with hiring and be much better prepared for the fall deadlines. Eliminating the time crunch results in less stress for your company and ensures quality talent acquisition without the obstacle of a rushed hiring process.

In addition, many companies postpone talent acquisition to the fall, even though the new talent would be beneficial now. No one wants to be a business that postpones crucial additions to their team just because it’s the market trend. If new talent is important now, it’s better to start hiring now, rather than miss out on the benefits.

With summer being a slower hiring season for most industries, the benefits of going against the grain can be massive! Often the greatest success in business stems from untapped markets, making summer a perfect time to implement these strategies. Whether for the sake of preparation, more in-depth hiring processes, or higher-quality talent acquisition, summer isn’t just for vacations; it’s the perfect time to find your next great hire.

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